Bill Gosma Photography: Blog en-us Bill Gosma [email protected] (Bill Gosma Photography) Sun, 26 Jun 2022 20:49:00 GMT Sun, 26 Jun 2022 20:49:00 GMT Bill Gosma Photography: Blog 120 80 Winter It's been quite some times since I've been out with the camera so earlier this month I loaded up the car and headed for one of my favorite areas, the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Below is on of my favorite shots, this photo was taken in Round Valley just a couple of miles North of the town of Bishop, CA.  Several days of very stormy weather had finally cleared the Sierra's and the highway crews had cleared much of the roadways of snow allowing me to exit Highway 395 onto a small paved road heading directly West toward the mountains.

On returning home I uploaded a few of the photos into a new a new gallery titled "Winter" - click on the photo below and visit the gallery.



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No Parking..... Most of my photos are taken with my 35mm digital camera but the other day while searching a local parking lot for an open spot to pull into I suddenly became aware of how many places were 'out of bounds'.  I pulled out the iPhone and grabbed a couple of shots of those places that are marked for 'others' to use -  special people, employees and government employees.  It dawned on me that there are a LOT of these designated parking places where we regular folks just can <legally> park our cars..  So, I've started a new and ongoing collection highlight this topic - I'm sure it will be of interest to many ;)  Click on the photo to see the gallery.

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Black and White A recent winter road trip to Oregon took me up the coastline from California to the small beach town of Bandon, a scenic spot well-known for glorious summers and one of the best spots along the rugged coastline for winter 'storm watching'.  No storms on this January visit, just abundant sunshine and clear skies.  Near sunset I was on the cliffs near the Table Rock area and caught this image of the rocks at very low tide.  A 3 second exposure in my Pentax K-5 camera was processed in Lightroom 4 and converted from color to black & white using NIK "Silver Efex Pro" software resulting in a pleasing image.  

To see more black and white images at my website click on the photo below!


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Fall in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mid October on the Eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada is a great time to catch the Fall colors, Aspen trees in beautiful golden color.  This photo was taken just off Hwy 395 North of Lee Vining, the Conway Summit area.  The picture was taken at about 9am, the night before the area was blanketed with several inches of fresh snow.


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Del Mar Racetack On an early morning outing with the Pacific Photography Society we were granted access to the early morning 'workouts' at the track prior to public entrance for the races.  We were able to tour the facilities, witness the horses warming-up and running on the track, go 'behind the scenes' to see the trainers preparing the horses for the days events.

The JockeyThe JockeyMorning workout at the racetrack at Del Mar, California





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Balboa Park after Dark An time exposure of the Botanical Gardens Building at San Diego's Balboa Park.....

More 'After Dark' photos here


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Fall Colors in the Eastern Sierra Nevada  

In mid October I packed up the car and headed to Northern California to visit friends and family in the San Francisco Bay area.   I drove via Highway 395 that skirts the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains in the Owens Valley and headed West over the Tioga Pass Road (route 120) across the high country of Yosemite National Park.  I stopped along the way in Aspendell, located about 20 miles east of Bishop, CA and caught the aspen trees in their prominent yellow fall color, the trees were nearing peak color at the 8,000 ft. elevation and it was just gorgeous!  Snow fell one night and the peaks of the mountains were dusted in white and the meadows along Tioga Road (Hwy 120) in Yosemite received a few inches of snow.  All in all wonderful venture into one of the most scenic spots in California.


More photos here







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Tennis in the Desert Visit my "Action and Movement" gallery to view images taken at the PNB Paribras Open tennis tournament at Indian Wells, CA this past March. 

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New Photos Since I relocated from the SF Bay area to San Diego County I've added some new images.  If you haven't visited my website for a while I encourage you to take a look and comment on what you see...such as photo of the City of San Diego show on my BLOG header.  Enjoy the images and be sure to leave me your comments!

Thanks / Bill

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